A Real, New England Lobster Pound!
Fresh Maine Lobster and Clams – Live or Cooked – Since 1983!

When you come to Maine, the first thing most want is clams and lobsters! Get off the main road, where things are priced for tourists, and come to a real lobster pound!

"For nearly 30 years, Brenda Gosch has been offering fresh Maine lobster at the Yodeling Clam, a take-out lobster pound located next to her home on Stephen Eaton Lane."  Making It At Home, a local weekly publication, presented a profile of the Yodeling Clam on their front page – to learn more, see the complete article.

The Yodeling Clam isn't fancy – it gives you what you want: lobsters and clams, live or cooked! You can get cole slaw anywhere – get the freshest lobsters and clams at a great, low price! Call ahead and place your order and they'll be ready for you to take back to your house, cottage, RV, tent or trailer!

All Clams – $3.99/lb

Hard Shell
Soft Shell

1 pound
(chicken lobster)
$ 6.99/lb
$ 5.99/lb

1 14 pound
$ 7.99/lb
$ 6.99/lb

1 12 pound
$ 8.99/lb

2+ pound
$ 10.99/lb

12 oz. $ 5.00 16 oz. $ 8.00 32 oz. $ 16.00

What is the difference between a hard shell and soft shell lobster?

Lobsters will periodically shed their shells as they grow. This can happen as many as 25 times before they are 6-7 years old; then mature males shed every year and mature females every two years. This picture shows a lobster next to its shedded shell in our tank.

As for taste, it really is a personal choice. Most feel that there is more meat in a hard shell lobster, many finding the meat sweeter. However, there are those who have the opposite opinion. Considering that the soft shell lobsters are somewhat easier to get into and cost less, you may want to do the research yourself! For more information about the benefits of eating lobsters, (“and what is that white, green and red stuff inside?”), visit The Lobster Institute.

Just Off the Beaten Path is Always Better!

Call ahead and place your order it'll be ready when you are!

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